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Is Teeth Straightening For Me?

octobre 22, 2022

Are your teeth crooked, have spaces, or crowded? Do you simply dislike your smile? You’ve most likely thought about getting braces and there are many benefits to getting traditional metal braces—and that’s why they’re so commonly used.

Keep in mind that braces are now the only option these days. It’s worth considering if an at-home clear aligner treatment is a good choice for you. Read on to learn the benefits of straightening your teeth at home, and how exactly at-home teeth straightening really works.


Benefits of Teeth Straightening at Home

  • More Affordable Than Braces:  A normal set of braces could easily set you back $7,500 or more.


    Clear aligners are almost always the most affordable way to get a smile you love. NewSmile®'s impression kit, teeth aligners, retainers, and whitening kit will only cost you 75% less up front, or low monthly payments. 

  • No Trips to the Dentist/Orthodontist's Office: Let’s face it—no one likes going to the dentist, or the orthodontist for that matter. 


    When you choose to straighten your teeth at home, you'll avoid all waiting rooms and receive qualified guidance and treatment from NewSmile®'s dental professionals to fix that precious smile of yours!  

    At-Home Treatment from Dental Professionals, you’re not sacrificing anything you would receive with traditional metal braces. With traditional braces, it’s important to get advice and guidance from a dental professional throughout your treatment. 

    The NewSmile® 3D Treatment Preview gives a look of your future smile, and an estimate for the length of treatment. Your entire teeth straightening plan is personalized and approved by board-certified dentist. If you have any questions or concerns along the way, you can get helpful advice from those same dental professionals—without needing to schedule or pay for an orthodontist appointment.


    How Does At-Home Teeth Straightening Work?


    Step 1: Smile Assessment

    At-home teeth straightening may not be for everyone. Take our free Smile Assessment, where you’ll answer a few questions about your smile goals and upload a photo of your teeth so that our qualified dental professionals can take a look.


    Step 2: Impression Kit

    If you’re approved to move forward with at-home teeth straightening, we’ll send you an Impression Kit after your purchase. In about 30 minutes, you'll use our custom putty and trays to make molds of your top and bottom rows of teeth. Using the included shipping label, you’ll then send your moulds back to us.


    Step 3: 3D Treatment Preview

    Once we receive your teeth molds, we’ll create a 3D Treatment Preview. This will show a before/after of your smile. It's a great way for you to preview every angle of your future smile with an estimate of your treatment length with NewSmile®.


    Step 4: At-Home Teeth Straightening

    Once you’ve approved your treatment preview, we’ll send you everything you need upfront: clear aligners, retainers and a carrying case. All you need to do is stay on top of your treatment, changing aligners every two weeks to keep progressing with your customized plan. Once your treatment plan is completed we will send you a teeth whitening kit.  


    Step 4: Retainers to Maintain Your Smile

    Congratulations, your treatment is all finished up! You’ve now got the smile you’ve been dreaming of—and you didn’t have to visit the orthodontist’s office once. To make sure your smile stays beautiful, we’ll send you retainers to wear at night so your teeth don’t shift.


    Should I Straighten My Teeth at Home?

    If you're still not sure if straightening your teeth at home is the right choice for you, consider your lifestyle.


    • You have mild to moderate teeth needs, such as one or two crooked teeth.
    • You’re committed to wearing your clear aligners as recommended by your dental professional.
    • You have a busy work or school schedule and would rather spend less time at the orthodontist.
    • Your teeth are healthy, meaning that you aren’t experiencing gum disease, jaw needs, or tooth decay.
    • You’re looking to spend less money overall on your teeth straightening.


    Are you lacking confidence in your smile? Do you smile with your mouth closed to avoid letting others see your teeth? NewSmile® is the easiest way to make a change without leaving the comfort of your home.


    NewSmile® was created specifically as an at-home teeth straightening solution, and through years of experience, we’ve nailed down the process under qualified dental supervision.  


    Are you ready for your new smile? Complete our online Smile Assessment to see if you're a candidate.